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Our software streamlines the entire process of managing prescriptions and appointments, offering a seamless solution for doctors. It simplifies patient management by providing an intuitive platform where you can easily schedule appointments, update patient records, and track clinical data. With our user-friendly interface, creating and managing prescriptions is straightforward, allowing you to generate your first prescription in less than a minute.

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The better way to manage your chambers, prescriptions, appointments & patients

Using NioxDoc account you can easily manage chamber wise prescriptions, patients, appointments and many more features.

Online Consultation

Our software supports online consultations via Zoom, enabling patients to engage in live video meetings with healthcare experts to receive treatment and advice. Doctors can also set consultation fees and conveniently receive payments through PayPal and Stripe.

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Online Appointment Booking

Patients can schedule their online or offline appointments with specialists for specific dates and times. Doctors can efficiently manage all bookings through their portal, while patients can check the status of their appointments from the patient portal.

Advanced and User-Friendly Prescription System

Our automated and powerful prescription system is incredibly easy to use, allowing doctors to create and print prescriptions in just a minute.

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